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Re: EnVision Updates

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:18 pm
by William
Hello Mac Users!

EnVision Version 1.8.12 is now available! This version is not available for Windows, it is available for MacOS users only.

2019.10.18 Update Edit:
There is a known issue in this version where the mouse location isn't reflected accurately within the main editor window. This makes it hard to select and edit performers. A temporary solution is to run EnVision in Low Resolution mode. If you do not need to upgrade to EnVision v1.8.12 because of MacOS Catalina then we recommend that you remain on EnVision version 1.8.11, which is available on the EnVision Product Features and Download page.

:: Original Post:

This is a special version that updates EnVision to a 64-bit build which makes it the first version to be compatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Because of this change there was also a major change to the Licensing system that EnVision uses, meaning that anyone who installs this version or after on Mac will have to re-activate their license using their original activation key.

You can find your key in your account. If you are unable to access your account you can contact our team at and we will be able to help you track down your activation key.

Download Instructions:
If you have already upgraded to MacOS Catalina then you will not be able to open EnVision to update. You should go to the Box5 Software Product Features and Download page and download the full Mac version of EnVision and install it over top of your existing version. Your data will not be affected.

Won't Open Orror:
If you are seeing a message like '"EnVision_Mac_Setup_v1.8.12" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software' please follow the instructions in this video or the instructions on this website

EnVision v1.8.12 updates:
  • Update EnVision Mac to 64-bits, allowing it to run on MacOS 10.15 Catalina and onwards.
  • Update Licensing system. Everyone who installs this version or later on Mac will be required to re-activate their license with their original activation key.

Re: EnVision Updates

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:02 am
by William
Hello Mac Users!

EnVision Version 1.8.13 is now available! This version is not available for Windows, it is available for MacOS users only.

2019.12.01 Update Edit:
There are a couple known issues with this version of EnVision. They all have work-arounds so please use them if you are experiencing one of these issues:
  1. Unable to open documents directory: If you are receiving an error message like this when starting EnVision "LicenseManager::FindValidLicense: Unable to open EnVision documents directory" then you have discovered the higher permissions issue on MacOS Catalina in which applications need to be granted specific permissions to access certain folders, including the Documents folder which EnVision requires to work correctly.
    Workaround: You can grant folder permissions to specific apps from the Security & Privacy section of the System Preferences. Follow the instructions on this tutorial to grant these permissions to EnVision.
  2. Install won't update EnVision: If you install EnVision and it doesn't seem like the app is actually being updated then this is another version of the permissions issues in Catalina. The short description is that the EnVision installer doesn't have the correct permissions any more to overwrite files in the Applications directory.
    Workaround: Delete the previous install. The installer can still put EnVision in the application folder so deleting the previous installation before trying to install the new one will fix the issue.
  3. White/Invisible text in EnVision: EnVision doesn't work nicely with Dark mode yet. In Dark Mode the system sets the text to white and the background to a dark color. EnVision has custom backgrounds for forms so they do not get changed, however the text uses the default system color so it gets updated to white.
    Workaround: Turn off Dark Mode. Instructions here.
:: Original Post:

This is a followup version to 1.8.12 which is intended for use on MacOS 10.14 and higher only. This fixes several issues with scaling in the main window and saving PDFs that were created in 1.8.12.

This is the recommended version for MacOS 10.14 and up. It may also work well on lower versions but some issues in Print Mode have been spotted on older Mac Minis (2011) with MacOS 10.13 so it is unclear how well it will work on those versions. The changes in this version are mostly to fix some bugs that came up after making a lot of changes to support MacOS 10.15 Catalina so if you do not need to upgrade then EnVision v1.8.11 is still the right version for you.

EnVision v1.8.13 updates:
  • Fixed High Resolution Display issue (Selection not working as expected on High Resolution Monitors).
  • Fixed several PDF output issues, such as Performers being drawn as squares and text not having transparent background.
  • Fixed some speed issues with the mouse.
  • Fixed duplicate cmd-3 menu shortcut by remapping the Groups Tool to cmd-G.
  • Reordered the sections in the Groups tool for better usage