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Merge figure

Post by martijn_kng »

Hi everyone,

When I make a form/figure I find it hard to estimate the right dimensions at the start off it. Quite often the figure/form is to big for the number of performers. Is there a way to select all lines, curves which I've drawn and merge them to 1 form? The scale of the figure will be blocked and I can easily change the size of the figure... This makes it easy to save forms and use them in later productions because all you have to do is change the size of the total form for the right number of players.

Now when I save a form and load it later on it will load all lines/curves separately instead of 1 form. Changing the figure is taking lots of time ...

I'm looking forward to your input.

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Re: Merge figure

Post by William »

Hi Martijn,

Unfortunately this is not currently possible in EnVision but it is a good idea and we should definitely be able to manipulate multiple forms as a single form. Some sort of compound shape. Currently you are able to save multiple forms together (which I believe you were already doing) and load them as a group. You can also move and rotate multiple forms all together as a group if you have multiple selected. It's just that you aren't able to resize them together.

Thank you for the input, we will be looking into building this feature.

Have a great day!
William Lee
Box5 Software
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