A Snap to Grid option for Selected Performers

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A Snap to Grid option for Selected Performers

Post by bjindrich »

The prior drill program I used (Drillquest) had a Snap to Grid option that could be applied to the current selected group of performers. This took each selected performer on the page and moved it to the best-match location based on the current Snap To Grid setting.

Example: if the Snap To option is set to "1/2 Pace", then if I selected a group of performers and then selected the Snap to Grid option, then each performer would end up with coordinates in the 1/2 pace grid. And if the Snap To setting was 1 Pace, then Snap To would move all selected performers to have coordinates on the 1-pace grid.

To do this today, I have to move performers one by one on each page when I want performers on the grid, and it can be time-consuming.

Not trying to trivialize the coding effort, but this feature just needs to examine the X and Y coordinates of each selected performer and nudge the coordinates based on the selected Snap To setting (probably similar processing when enforcing the Snap To setting as individual performers are dragged on the page).

This will allow drill writers to take performers (especially in curved forms) and easily move them "to the grid" in one quick action, for bands that prefer as many forms as possible be "on the grid".
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Re: A Snap to Grid option for Selected Performers

Post by William »

Hi bjindrich,
Not trying to trivialize the coding effort
You're not wrong, we should be able to use the same method we use currently for snap to grid. It's just a matter of looping through the selected performers (which we do 100 times in other areas of the code already) and applying the snapping logic to them. And of course implementing the UI elements, which generally isn't hard, just time consuming.

It's a good idea and it's going on the backlog.

Have a great day!
William Lee
Box5 Software
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